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This web page accompanies the article "Using Graphs Instead of Tables in Political Science", by Jonathan Kastellec and Eduardo Leoni, which appears in the December 2007 issue of Perspectives on Politics. It contains complete replication code for all the graphs that appear in the text, as well as additional graphs that we did not present in the paper for space reasons. To download a zip file containing the complete R code, Stata code (where applicable) and Stata datasets (also where applicable) that were used to create all the graphs that appear on this site, click here. For more information on how best to use this site, click here. If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, please email either John or Eduardo

Table of Contents

A Note to Readers

Descriptive Statistics

  • Figure 1: Dot plot displaying frequency of tables and graphs, by type of data summary
  • Figure 2: Mosaic plot for displaying contingency data
  • Figure 3: Dot plot displaying summary of means and standard deviations
  • Figure 4: Combined dot plot/violin plots for displaying distributions of variables
  • Figure 5: Using an advanced dot plots to present proportions.
  • Extra 1: A correlation matrix
  • Extra 2: A small multiples dotplot
  • Extra 3: A multi-line time series plot

Regression Coefficients

  • Figure 6: Presenting a single regression model using a dot plot with error bars
  • Figure 7: Using parallel dot plots with error bars to present two regression models
  • Figure 8: Using “small multiple” plots to present multiple regression models
  • Extra 4: Regression plots with multiple confidence intervals
  • Extra 5: Automatic regression plots

Further Resources

Papers Cited on this Site

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